interview stuff: WARBLY JETS

reppin: la, usa // 2015 - present

featuring: samuel shea // julien o'neil // dan gerbang // justin goings

next album drop: most likely 2017

sam & jules of warbly jets | beat kitchen, chicago | 2.19.17 | @thefaakehipster

sam & jules of warbly jets | beat kitchen, chicago | 2.19.17 | @thefaakehipster

I wrote about these cool cats back in early December when I caught them and fellow rockers Mystery Lights at The Empty Bottle. What did it for me with these guys was not the one brilliant anthem, “Alive,” which is truly a hit. What got me hooked was how they draw you in with their sweet riffs, Sam’s killer vocals and just raw rock n’ roll baby. They can reel you in with their stage presence and melt your face with their loud sound. I wanted to get beneath the surface a bit, see what inspires these kids and bring their musical experience to your ears (and eyes if you like to read).

warbly jets | beat kitchen, chicago | 2.19.17 | @jpalove

warbly jets | beat kitchen, chicago | 2.19.17 | @jpalove

Let’s start from the beginning...some of you have been in other bands, paid your dues, went on tour...seasoned musicians if you will. What do these past elements, experiences, successes, failures mean to you as they relate to creating Warbly Jets?

Sam: I think everything in life shapes you as you go thru it, you know. All those things throughout our lives have played huge influencer roles towards what we have turned into. Jules and I definitely went through quite a lot of struggling, whether it was our project in new york together or the other projects we were apart of separately, moving to LA together and staying in a lot of motels and friends couches and bouncing around. Waiting to meet members...a lot of that has shaped our music and message, that’s in the lyrics

warbly jets | beat kitchen, chicago | 2.19.17 | @jpalove

warbly jets | beat kitchen, chicago | 2.19.17 | @jpalove

Me: The growing pains?

S: Yea, you know the reshaping, the trimming back. Trimming of the branches so they can bloom back. That happens with every band.

Jules: We have a pretty clear definition of what we are trying to do with our previously histroy separately and as a group. We’ve learned a lot, made some mistakes, had some successes. We know how and what to do now.

What’s to come for the album...what was it like recording together? Did it take some time to find your sound or was it pretty clear from the start?

J: So Sam and I had gotten together and we kind of knew what direction we wanted to put this band in. And because of being in other bands, being around the block, we knew how to start the project from the ground up. We didn’t really reveal anything, kept it under wraps until we found that sound. The only way to do that was put ourselves in a studio and write song after song after song after song. Chipping away at the marble and finding out what this was really going to be.

S: Painters will choose a pallet of colors and it’s kind of the same thing. These are the things we are into, these kind of sounds, these kind of instruments. Figuring out what those songs are from the start, It makes things easier to determine what that mission is. It’s us choosing the colors we want to use on the pallet.

warbly jets | beat kitchen, chicago | 2.19.17 | @jpalove

warbly jets | beat kitchen, chicago | 2.19.17 | @jpalove

Me: I truly value bands that know what their identity is from the start and can start the evolution from there instead of churning out singles to get on the air or something.

S: We want to have that natural identity and not sound super manufactured. A lot of bands will come out with this identity and style, but when you look further in, there is a machine behind them. That is most definitely not us. We built everything on our own.

Let’s talk about the single, “Alive,” what you hope to accomplish on tour? This song just kind of came out of nowhere, how do you

S: That single is the only song we have out. It’s streaming, been doing well, got picked up on Sirius XM and that helped out. And for whatever reason it has been getting on some good playlists on Apple and Spotify. It’s growing very organically go, not too much juice behind it aside from our management group, Rebel Union, sending it around. Everything that has happened has been organic and homegrown coming from the crew of people

Me: That’s a pretty sweet thing. Radio is not as familiar to me, but if you have an organic sort of start, it can help further your mission to be authentic and real.

S: It has def given us a realization that we can really take anything we want really far...just our team. We know that for a fact.

Liam Gallagher Pretty Green clothing line - what is this Brit stuff all about?

J: It’s Liam’s company and they pretty much reached out to us and wanted to use the song for the spring/summer campaign promotion. I’m not sure how much he really has to do with it or if he actually designs the clothes himself...

S: It’s designed and owned by him, I don't know how involved he is, but I hear he is pretty hands on with the company.

Me: That’s still really rad to get the song to the UK that quickly

S: Yea. it would be nice to get out there the next few months, we really want to crack the UK

warbly jets | beat kitchen, chicago | 2.19.17 | @jpalove

warbly jets | beat kitchen, chicago | 2.19.17 | @jpalove

The Show - 3 adjectives or a tweet like summary to describe the live show?

S: Something you’ll tell your friends about…?

J: Interesting question, I never really thought about that too much.

Me: I always like to look at the energy and connection to the crowd as well as the lyrics and personally try to relate to what the experience is

S: Yea, I mean, we just always wanted to be a band that is just larger than life and too big for the room. You know we talk some, but we want people to understand that we will be playing a room twice as big the next time we are here.

I always use funny metaphors to describe bands and artists i write about, what would you use?

J: Sounds like jumping off a cliff with a trampoline at the bottom

S: Getting shot out of a canon at the top of Mt. Everest

Me: Damn, most bands take like 5/10 minutes to figure that out, well done dudes (laughs).

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